Deal with the underlying condition, not the symptom!

New Genesis Health prioritizes addressing the cause instead of just the symptom

You’ve seen doctor after doctor, searching for answers, and no one can tell you what’s wrong! You’re frustrated and discouraged, and you feel like traditional medicine has let you down. Alan Davis and The Green Herb team are here as a resource for you!

New Genesis Health is a wellness center located near I-70 and Kipling in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where Alan and his team can help you find a path to wellness … without wasting time and money.

Every BODY is different, and every BODY reacts favorably to some superb, nutritious herbs, oxygen therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. Alan and his team will help you treat any underlying conditions quickly and efficiently by creating a custom plan for your health, giving you that next step in your journey toward better lifelong health.

The best way to find out which natural herbs and supplements could help you is to call ahead today for a live blood analysis with The Green Herb team.

Oxygen Therapy

Ask Alan Davis and The Green Herb team how oxygen therapy could help you.

Oxygen Therapy … H-B-O-T … has been around for more than 350 years! It originated as a means of treating diving accidents, but people who had burns on their skin or diabetic ulcers also experienced healed inside the Hyperbaric Chamber.

The list of healing properties continued to grow until oxygen therapy became relevant for a wide range of sicknesses and injuries. The bottom line is that ANY illness or injury created or perpetuated by a lack of oxygen can be reversed, lessened, or mitigated through oxygen therapy.

By participating in regular oxygen therapy over a 5-week period, it is possible to remake your tissues, reverse injury, and impact the aging process, as well as hundreds of other far-reaching implications for your overall health.

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Ask how oxygen therapy could contribute to your lifelong wellness.