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  • Planned Parenthood versus 'Prayer and Protest' April 25, 2018
    Pro-life rallies are coming to more than 130 Planned Parenthood centers on Saturday, April 28. 
  • Of documents and the deep state April 25, 2018
    It looks like Republicans in Congress may finally get a trove of documents the Justice Department has been hiding about the Hillary Clinton email scandal.
  • Let us have a word with you, Comrade Twain April 25, 2018
    Much like Communists rounding up unhelpful dissidents, the Far Left is chasing down a country music artist and an MSNBC host for failing to espouse the accepted progressive viewpoints.  
  • 'Assault on boyhood' continues April 25, 2018
    Thousands of girls are joining boys as Cub Scouts – and a Christ-centered organization for boys thinks that's dangerous.
  • Objective: Duplicate 2016 election, counteract pro-aborts' money April 24, 2018
    While the midterm federal elections are still several months away, voters who consider themselves conservative and/or pro-life are being encouraged to organize now to offset big money being poured into the election by the nation's largest abortion provider.
  • College, 33% Jewish, votes 2 to 1 for anti-Israel BDS April 24, 2018
    An astounding 64 percent of students at Barnard College in New York City, New York – with one-third of its student body being Jewish – voted “yes” on a pro-Palestinian referendum calling the Trump administration to embrace the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.
  • Project 21: Stats on school discipline don't tell the whole story April 24, 2018
    An Obama-era education policy intended to counteract disproportionate levels of discipline on minority students who misbehave is being criticized for looking more at the "what" than the "why."
  • Non-profit urges no 'behind-the-scenes' deals to replace Ryan April 24, 2018
    Congress needs to elect a conservative Speaker of the House – that's the contention of the public policy arm of the American Family Association.
  • Radio host: Kaep fumbles on his claims April 24, 2018
    No longer drawing attention on the gridiron for his athletic prowess, he continues to be in the spotlight for his activist protests of police interactions with minorities – but a black conservative radio host says Colin Kaepernick lacks evidence to back up his claims.
  • DeVos pushes back on 'increase the budget' cries April 24, 2018
    Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has found herself facing off with former Dept. of Education chiefs who disagree with the Trump administration.
  • Danhof: Corporation blocked me at shareholder meet April 24, 2018
    An investor-activist wants the Securities and Exchange Commission to take action against a corporation that refused to allow him to attend a shareholders meeting.  
  • Lower courts rebuked for joining 'Resist Trump' movement April 24, 2018
    The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Wednesday in a case over President Trump's so-called "travel ban" – and one legal authority says the high court shouldn't even be considering it.
  • Olympics sets boundaries for transgender athletes April 24, 2018
    The head of a Christian sports organization is applauding the news that the International Olympic Committee will be applying tougher restrictions on Transgender athletes.  
  • Follow the money, Mr. President, behind Iran deal April 24, 2018
    Pressure is mounting on President Donald Trump to continue with the controversial Iran nuclear deal but a national security analyst says Trump only needs to follow the money trail.
  • Atheists getting IRS to bill churches $1B? April 23, 2018
    A prominent atheist group is suing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and demanding that it bill churches and other religious organizations $1 billion in taxes, arguing that their tax-exempt status violates the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.
  • Mexico: 7.7K pre-election murders in last 3 mos. April 23, 2018
    As Mexico prepares to vote for a new president this summer, Mexican drug cartels are warning politicians to “drop out or be killed,” and the murder rate shot up 20 percent after 7,667 were violently killed in the first quarter this year.
  • ADF: Something wrong when artists face jail time April 23, 2018
    Two artists from Arizona are headed to court today in ongoing an effort to defend their First Amendment rights and to literally stay out of jail in the future.  
  • Turkey delays pastor's trial, gets earful from Trump, others April 23, 2018
    The U.S. government and advocates for persecuted Christians are rallying behind an American pastor who has been imprisoned in Turkey, charged with "Christianization," and faces what would amount to a life sentence.

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