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  • Coffee aficionados greeted with abortion truths September 27, 2016
    After a day of demonstrating, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) wants to know if Starbucks customers are satisfied with the popular coffee outlet.
  • Texas AG sues EPA over 'power grab' September 27, 2016
    Arguments for and against the EPA's Clean Power Plan are scheduled to take place this morning in Washington, D.C.
  • Trump holds back but gets Hillary backpedaling in round 1 September 27, 2016
    In an attempt to break Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s confident façade in the first presidential debate Monday night, Republican challenger Donald Trump called her out on several occasions, including his attack on her apparent wavering on foreign trade, but his rival was quick to belabor the businessman’s alleged shortcomings.
  • 'Reckless' fallout from Obama's Iran deal September 27, 2016
    The U.S. may have given its blessing for manufacturers to sell aircraft to Iran, but not everyone is onboard with the idea.
  • Spending $6 billion to misspell w-a-s-t-e September 26, 2016
    Despite the ineffectiveness of early-learning education, the Obama administration is hailing the federal expansion of such programs.
  • Ministry to millennials announces '17 conference September 26, 2016
    A ministry that reaches out to young people is planning to bring them together next March. 
  • 'Storks' on the move, saving lives across U.S. September 26, 2016
    If you see a van or bus with the words "Save the Storks" on its side, it's likely a fully equipped mobile ultrasound vehicle that provides pregnancy tests for women.
  • Nigerian Christians fast, pray to battle rife cult killings September 26, 2016
    Christians in Nigeria are wielding spiritual weapons to overcome the rampant cultism taking place in the southern region of the West African nation that has left numerous victims dead in a wave of violence.
  • Another study skewers born-that-way belief September 26, 2016
    Yet another study that raises questions about homosexuality and its causes suggests the issue deserves to be examined and debated. 
  • Hollywood sues to stop filtering of offensive content September 26, 2016
    A company specializing in filtering indecent content in movies and television programs is seeing a surge in grassroots support as it faces a legal challenge from movie and broadcast executives in Hollywood. 
  • Calling out numbers game at Planned Parenthood September 26, 2016
    Even if abortion giant Planned Parenthood is attempting to minimize its role in abortions, a pro-life group is attempting to expose the truth.
  • Nigeria downplaying Boko Haram target of Christians? September 26, 2016
    Although the Nigerian government has recorded notable military victories over Boko Haram recently and the Islamic terrorist group has killed more Muslims than Christians to date, there's a growing concern that Boko Haram's strategy has shifted once again towards the destruction of Christians in Nigeria.
  • School: Pro-Islam worksheet just sort of happened September 26, 2016
    An education analyst is questioning how some elementary students in New Jersey were given a health lesson earlier this month that used a quote from the Quran.
  • Broadcasting truth to a world in need September 26, 2016
    Lives in a small country in the Balkans are being changed for Christ due to the efforts of an international radio ministry.
  • Technology makes burnt biblical scroll readable September 26, 2016
    With today’s advanced technology, biblical scholars are able to read an ancient biblical scroll that was found near the location of where the famed Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered back in 1947, and what the scrolls say is regarded by man experts to be truly fascinating.
  • Schooling the public about Planned Parenthood September 26, 2016
    The opening of Planned Parenthood's mega-abortuary in Washington, D.C. has not seen the last of pro-life protests. 
  • Nike, others challenge NC's 'bathroom law' September 26, 2016
    A legal challenge continues to be waged over North Carolina's so-called "bathroom law," but one conservative attorney maintains the fight is not really over restrooms.
  • Attorney: NM city discriminated against ministry September 26, 2016
    Officials in a southern New Mexico city are getting a lesson in the First Amendment after local officials required a ministry to make room for the Boy Scouts at a community festival for children.

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