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  • 'Transgenderism' shaking up America's schools June 27, 2016
    As so-called “transgender rights” continue to stir up major controversies for schools and parents across America, at least one conservative commentator is questioning how such a tiny group of people can be allowed to create such havoc for the entire nation.
  • Obama starting a legacy via homosexual monument June 27, 2016
    President Barack Obama's most recent action to establish a pro-LGBT national monument is recognized as something that helps to clarify his legacy once he leaves office in January.
  • SBC passes critical pro-Israel, anti-BDS resolution June 27, 2016
    A resolution promoting prayer and other support for Israel — that includes fighting the global anti-Semitic movement known as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) — was passed by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) at a crucial time, as nearly half of the states in America have passed similar pro-Israeli declarations opposing BDS since it launched […]
  • NEA: Oust religious freedom, welcome 'transgenderism' June 27, 2016
    Teachers unions across America are shunning Christianity and embracing the LGBT community, as the National Education Association is now pledging at least $70,000 to fight religious freedom bills and championing a gender-confused policy on bathrooms and locker rooms.
  • ICC calls out India, Nepal for criminalizing Christians June 27, 2016
    A Christian human rights group is expressing frustration that India's prime minister is downplaying concerns about religious freedom.
  • Some Brits, some Yanks see eye to eye June 27, 2016
    A political analyst says concerns similar to those voiced by voters in the United Kingdom last week are driving voters in a rebellion on the other side of the Atlantic.
  • Docs may bolt from merit-based Medicare June 27, 2016
    The comment period for a controversial rule involving doctors and medicine is drawing to a close, and one organization wants more people to voice their opposition.
  • A case where Trump could be the silver lining June 26, 2016
    A gun rights advocacy group is concerned about President Obama's recent threat of executive orders to impose his anti-gun agenda on the country.
  • UK imposes problematic test on Christians seeking asylum June 26, 2016
    Christians seeking to find asylum in Great Britain are facing a problematic and reportedly “bogus” quiz devised by the British government that is intended to weed out those who are truly persecuted from those faking mistreatment because of their professed conversion to Christianity.
  • A French missionary's focus amid diversity June 26, 2016
    While a missionary in France says religion appears to be making comeback there, that does not mean the people have found peace and fulfillment.
  • 'March for Marriage' challenges WH transgender push June 26, 2016
    Pro-family advocates assembled in Washington, D.C., Saturday at the 2016 March for Marriage annual event to not only protest the anniversary of last year’s United States Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) landmark decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” in all 50 states, but to fight the Obama administration’s aggressive pro-LGBT transgender bathroom equality directive.
  • Tragedy is no excuse to overstep June 26, 2016
    One country friendly to this nation objects to the United States' response to the recent attack in Orlando.
  • Judicial Watch just wants the truth re: Email scandal June 26, 2016
    A conservative watchdog is frustrated by the lack of cooperation of a former Hillary Clinton official tied to the ongoing email server scandal.
  • Feds admit they're not 'equal partners' with parents June 26, 2016
    After receiving a backlash from the homeschool community, the United States federal government is backing off its claim of having “equality with parents” when it comes to raising their children.
  • ESPN, university sending wrong message June 26, 2016
    Rather than be disciplined, the Missouri football team members who refused to play last year until their race-related demands were met are receiving a national award.
  • Tebow visits 'life-changed' ex-teammate shot at FL attack June 25, 2016
    Former professional and college football star Tim Tebow paid a visit to an Orlando, Florida, hospital to encourage his former high school football teammate, Rodney Sumter, who said he is “turning his life over to the Lord” after being shot three times by the jihadist shooter who killed 49 and wounded 53 at The Pulse […]
  • Obama's transgender restroom mandate bombs with voters June 25, 2016
    President Barack Obama’s transgender mandate to open restrooms and private facilities to the opposite sex at public schools and universities was opposed by a large majority of voters, according to a recent poll taken on the issue.
  • ACLJ blasts Obama for not naming the enemy June 25, 2016
    A nationally recognized constitutional law group based in Washington, D.C., is blasting President Barack Obama for endangering the lives of millions of Americans by refusing to name the enemy after the home-grown Islamic terrorist attack at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that killed 49 and wounded 53.

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