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  • Is prime minister getting the Trump treatment? February 19, 2018
    The head of a pro-Israel organization says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing the same kind of persecution from forces that want to bring him down as President Donald Trump is here in the United States.
  • Armed staff makes W. Texas students 'feel safe' February 19, 2018
    Flying in the face of the mainstream media’s nonstop coverage of gun control activists’ protests following the Florida high school shooting that killed 17, students in a West Texas school district contend that they “feel safe” on campus because the school staff is armed and ready to protect them.
  • Sudan's attack on believers: Destroy and humiliate February 19, 2018
    A systematic, two-pronged approach to harassing followers of Jesus in Sudan continues to take its toll.
  • Bill seeks to dictate what church can teach about sexuality February 19, 2018
    A Michigan church under fire for teaching its young girls the principles of biblical sexuality is getting some support from a prominent pro-family group.
  • Exploiting women in name of empowerment February 19, 2018
    For decades Sports Illustrated has tarnished its reputation once a year with a swimsuit edition, with very little actual swimsuits, and the newest gimmick is being called out for its hypocrisy. 
  • Spewing hate when the bullets fly February 19, 2018
    A high school shooting in Florida that claimed 17 people has brought out the best in some Americans - and the worst in many others.
  • 195 of 212 L.A. ICE arrests are repeat criminals February 18, 2018
    In a major sweep conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) last week, approximately 90 percent of the 212 illegal alien arrests were made on previously convicted criminal offenders, with a majority of the illegals turning out to be serious or violent criminals.
  • Ky. schools cover-up denying Bible club access exposed February 17, 2018
    A Christian legal group issued the Boone County School District (BCSD) an official warning last week that it is discriminating against an evangelical Bible organization by refusing it equal access to school facilities for a K–5 after-school Bible club.
  • 'Nonsense' expected from Romney as senator February 17, 2018
    A Massachusetts-based pro-family activist says Mitt Romney would clearly be a thorn in the president's side if he becomes Utah's next senator.
  • HR 4760 or bust February 17, 2018
    An immigration reduction advocacy organization says if Congress fails to pass a bill sponsored by Congressman Goodlatte, then it would be better to pass no immigration bill at all.
  • Wisc. considering scary piece of legislation February 17, 2018
    One pro-lifer says an assisted suicide bill before the Wisconsin Legislature demonstrates that voters must be alert as they place politicians in office.
  • AG vs. pro-lifers: 'A very substantial case' February 17, 2018
    The attorney general of New York continues his case this week against pro-lifers outside an abortion clinic, but some say his argument is invalid.
  • IWF: Don't let government 'help' rising health care costs February 16, 2018
    A health care analyst says no one should be surprised by rising health care costs but warns about manipulating a system that is working overall. 
  • Abortion giant sues to get more taxpayers' money February 16, 2018
    Planned Parenthood is running to court after the Trump administration ended a sex education program that was pouring millions into the organization. 
  • Investigative journalist reveals origin of 'fake news' February 16, 2018
    If you think the concept of "fake news" started with Donald Trump, you'd be wrong. As it turns out, so-called "progressives" got the ball rolling – and it came back to bite them.
  • CNN loses 30% of its primetime watchers February 16, 2018
    Troubles continue to mount for Cable’s waning news network giant, as CNN’s viewership has dropped by nearly a third during peak-watching hours compared to last year – and by nearly a quarter of its viewers throughout the day.
  • Enforcement-free immigration bill goes down in flames February 16, 2018
    An immigration watchdog was pleased to watch an immigration reform bill fail in the U.S. Senate this week, spelling the end of a proposal that openly pushed for open borders. 
  • Think you're connected? Well, you're not February 16, 2018
    According to a theologian and ethicist, cell phone addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. He says it's disconnecting the younger generation from developing personal relationships.

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