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  • Land: Keep this candidate out of White House October 26, 2016
    A longtime Christian leader is urging American voters to choose the lesser evil, Donald Trump, on Election Day.
  • GOP can kiss conservatives goodbye October 26, 2016
    A pioneer in the conservative movement says a political battle is coming – and not on Election Day.
  • Mall: 'Christian music' will be allowed October 26, 2016
    A mall in Florida says information released earlier was inaccurate when it stated "recognizable Christian music" would not be permitted during the upcoming holiday shopping season.
  • Green energy the breaking point in Philadelphia race October 25, 2016
    A conservative organization that pushes pro-growth economic policies is coming to the aid of Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey who is facing a tough re-election race against a liberal Democrat who supports the radical green energy agenda.
  • When 'unborn lives' are bigots October 25, 2016
    A Catholic watchdog group is watching with dismay after a pro-life message was condemned by the president of DePaul University.
  • Cozy with Clinton: The media and her campaign October 25, 2016
    Conservative political observers are saying that because of close ties between top Democrats in Washington and the media, the public isn't getting the full story about the leaked emails being dumped by WikiLeaks.
  • The power of the polls October 25, 2016
    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is fond of saying that the system is rigged, and lately he's been complaining about phony polls. Now there may be evidence.
  • ObamaCare premiums up, and millennials checked out October 25, 2016
    The Obama administration is optimistic that higher premiums will not stop people from enrolling in insurance plans for 2017, but don't expect more Millennials to get on board.
  • Court: Hey, you Christians, it's just a witch October 25, 2016
    A bakery owner in Northern Ireland, who refused to provide a cake that promotes homosexuality, must now decide whether to make a final appeal. 
  • School says 'okay' to Jesus logo October 25, 2016
    A high school in Texas has reeled back in its opposition to a fishing club's proposal to use a Christian-themed logo.
  • Pro-lifer: School's decision 'demotes' all clubs October 25, 2016
    A Nebraska high school has decided to let a student begin a pro-life club – but in the process has punished all other clubs at the school.
  • Plead guilty, go to jail – run for office, go free October 25, 2016
    A national defense analyst says when it comes to the handling of sensitive national security information, those without political connections are clearly being held to higher standards than Hillary Clinton.
  • Rodriguez: Don't expect many illegals to chance voting October 25, 2016
    While some groups have shown the possibility of voter fraud certainly exists, an evangelical advocate for Hispanics argues it's unlikely that very many illegal immigrants from that community will attempt to vote on November 8.
  • IRS to give account for targeting conservatives October 24, 2016
    A Christian legal group recently scored a legal victory against the IRS, which was ordered to issue outstanding determinations and answer for its political targeting of conservative groups and citizens to whom it unjustly denied tax exemptions for years.
  • About those loose lips and nuke launches October 24, 2016
    A national defense analyst says American voters are on the verge of electing a presidential candidate who is unfit to guard the country's closest secrets. 
  • Survey split on most 'presidential' candidate October 24, 2016
    Even though most conservatives and progressives have their definite favorite in the 2016 presidential election race, a recent poll shows that most Americans are torn over who is the most “presidential” candidate – Republican nominee Donald Trump or his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
  • Charter schools deserve support, says black conservative October 24, 2016
    A black conservative activist says it's outrageous that the NAACP would criticize charter schools when inner-city schools are failing black children.
  • Known for Christmas movies, Hallmark a gift all year October 24, 2016
    A TV watchdog is applauding the success of a family-friendly network.

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