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  • Alas, poor Cupid, we knew you well February 12, 2016
    Cupid can cross the place off his list. A Minnesota school principal, in the name of political correctness, has banned Valentine's Day.
  • PC GOP says drafting our daughters A-OK February 12, 2016
    A military watchdog says she was dismayed when three Republican presidential candidates voiced their support for women registering for the draft. 
  • Women may want female president, just not Hillary February 12, 2016
    Women are "feeling the Bern" sort of speak in the Democratic primary and, as a consequence, so is Hillary Clinton.
  • Anti-therapy bill for minors stymied for now February 12, 2016
    A pro-family leader in Massachusetts has succeeded in his campaign to put a hold on a bill that would ban therapy for youth dealing with unwanted same-sex attractions.
  • Political ads reveal impact of illegal immigration February 12, 2016
    An immigration enforcement organization is urging the presidential candidates campaigning in South Carolina to bring Americans – not illegal immigrants – out of the shadows.
  • NH least religious state, MS the most February 12, 2016
    Serving as a strong indicator of why Republicans chose two of the least faith-minded candidates in Tuesday’s primary, the New Hampshire ranked as the least religious state with only 20 percent if its residents identifying as “very religious,” while Mississippi took the honors for the eighth straight year as the most religious, with 63 percent.
  • Terror attack in Columbus, OH? February 12, 2016
    New and disturbing details are beginning to emerge about last night's attack at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Msg to WA: Time to revamp approach to public education February 12, 2016
    The Washington State Senate has passed a bill to keep the state's charter schools open after a court decision ruled the schools were unconstitutional.
  • Obama's plan: Surrender Asia but save planet February 12, 2016
    A national defense analyst says the enemies of the United States are not concerned with healing the planet while training for war. And neither should we.
  • Belgian woman euthanized for autism? February 11, 2016
    An expert on euthanasia is cautioning the United States and Canada to be mindful of the slippery slope of assisted suicide on demand in countries where it's legal — such as Belgium, where a depressed, middle-aged woman’s life was recently terminated.
  • Partisan journalism exposed? February 11, 2016
    While the mainstream media has long been accused of going easy on Hillary Clinton, there now may be proof.
  • Ruling holds state's abortionists to lower standard February 11, 2016
    A pro-life leader contends that judges need to be educated on the true purpose behind an abortion bill after a federal court ruling was recently issued against a Louisiana abortion clinic law.
  • Former intel chief: Hillary should bag it February 11, 2016
    A former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration says Hillary Clinton should "step down" from the presidential race to clear the way for the probe of her private email server by the FBI.
  • What a free society? Think 'school choice' February 11, 2016
    An educational analyst and blogger says liberty in America is ultimately all about school choice.
  • 'Bias-free language' directive scrapped February 11, 2016
    After receiving notice to comply with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution or face a lawsuit, the city of San Diego has reversed its attempt to force employees to speak in "gender-neutral" terms.
  • PP trying more abortions to offset losses February 11, 2016
    Planned Parenthood has reportedly been attempting to perform more abortions to offset its losses in the midst of numerous scandals.
  • Maginnis: U.S. needs to strike North Korea February 11, 2016
    A national defense analyst predicts the next U.S. president may have to take military action against North Korea.
  • Christians beaten outside station, police ignore it February 11, 2016
    After the latest incident involving the religious persecution of Christians in India at the hands of Hindu extremists, a Christian human rights organization is appalled at the local police’s apathy and lack of attention.