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  • Schooling a 'supreme leader' on world history February 22, 2017
    Iran's leader can talk and bluster all he wants, says the head of a messianic Jewish ministry, but he can't destroy the State of Israel.   
  • Left-wingers whine over EPA chief's speech February 22, 2017
    A left-wing organization is pointing out that Scott Pruitt failed to mention mention climate change in his first speech to the EPA, and a climate change skeptic says it's about time. 
  • Teacher calls students 'cretins' for inviting her to church February 22, 2017
    An atheist teacher is under investigation by a Florida public school district after calling students “cretins” – meaning stupid persons – for inviting her to church.
  • Obama, Islamists forcing mosque on Christian refugees February 22, 2017
    Christian refugees who fled from persecution in the Middle East at the hands of jihadists are being pressured by former President Barack Obama's Justice Department holdovers and an Islamic fundamentalist group to allow a mega-mosque in their residential community in southeastern Michigan.
  • Mehlman: Immigration fight really about law & order February 22, 2017
    A pro-border enforcement group says President Donald Trump's immigration directives are really nothing more than a return to legal immigration policies before Barack Obama became president. 
  • FOX challenged on 'The Mick' February 22, 2017
    A television watchdog says the FOX network is acting irresponsibly by airing a new sitcom – rated as appropriate for minors – that routinely features minors using foul language and involved in sexually suggestive situations.
  • Praise for Trump's changes to immigration policy February 22, 2017
    The head of the Center for Immigration Studies is pleased that Donald Trump's new guidelines include the creation of an office to help Americans who have been victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.
  • Teen Vogue vs. an articulate teen February 22, 2017
    A liberal magazine that targets teen girls figured it would make light of abortion – but a 16-year-old teenager hit back with an online video. 
  • 'Fake news' blames guns for Chi-Town bloodbath February 21, 2017
    A Second Amendment rights organization says the dominant media is guilty of conducting a "continued subliminal campaign" to blame firearms for the carnage in Chicago.
  • Ex-Mexican official to avenge Trump by jamming courts February 21, 2017
    A former Mexican official declared last week that he is plotting to sabotage the United States court system by inundating it with thousands of deportation cases in retaliation to President Donald Trump’s executive orders to remove foreign criminals from the U.S. – most of whom entered the country from Mexico.
  • Ordinance puts special protections on abortion February 21, 2017
    The Gateway City has caught unfavorable attention with a recently passed discrimination ordinance that puts abortion in a protected class.
  • Canadian conservatives fight PC policy February 21, 2017
    Conservatives in Canada want to reverse a politically correct policy that has shocked government workers.
  • Oregon's euthanasia bill awash with 'ambiguity' February 21, 2017
    Oregon is considering a bill that could allow the intentional taking of lives, if those lives fit into a particular category.
  • Congressman: Not fooled by 'grassroots' protests February 21, 2017
    Members of Congress are back in their districts this week to meet with constituents, and at least some of them will also be contending with organized protests over the attempt to repeal ObamaCare. 
  • Americans trust Trump more than media, says poll February 21, 2017
    The results of a new nationwide poll reveal that Americans believe President Donald Trump is more trustworthy than the news media.
  • Convicted abortionist Gosnell subject of new book February 21, 2017
    Husband and wife authors have joined forces in writing a book about a notorious Pennsylvania abortionist.
  • Spreading the wealth to increase the poor February 21, 2017
    Al Gore may beg to differ, but his plans to save the planet from a cataclysmic environmental disaster will cause more harm than good. 
  • Court agrees pastors free from state law February 21, 2017
    Pastors who sued in Illinois to fight a controversial state law have won the legal right to do their jobs. 

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