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  • Top 10 states packing heat, bottom 10 lacking March 17, 2018
    Despite protests and student walkouts for gun control bombarding the mainstream media, Americans who believe in gun rights and exercise their right to bear arms are alive and well, with 42 percent of households in the United States owning at least one gun last year.
  • Msg to Trump: Don't do it! March 16, 2018
    President Trump is getting an earful for re-nominating a radical lesbian activist to a post on a federal commission who has clearly demonstrated her animosity toward individuals' religious beliefs.
  • 'Insanity' to believe Jesus is the only way, says pastor March 16, 2018
    It used to be assumed that if you claimed to be a Baptist, you believed what the Bible says about Jesus being the only way to come to the Father – but that's not the case at a Baptist megachurch in New York City.
  • Facebook algorithm kills conservative news feeds, boosts left’s March 16, 2018
    An in-depth analysis of Facebook’s publicized algorithm change has revealed that the social media giant is drastically reducing users’ news feeds to conservative outlet websites – while boosting those of liberal publishers.
  • Calif. GOP: 'Progressive' policies destroying state March 16, 2018
    A GOP leader in California says an increasing number of voters in his state are growing tired of the liberal polices of Democrats that are hurting the quality of life there.
  • Bill to curb 'hate speech' labeled 'wildly unconstitutional' March 16, 2018
    For the third year in a row, the New York Senate is considering a bill that would squelch certain forms of "hate speech." While that may sound good on the surface, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education isn't much of a fan.
  • Does Penn. election portend anything for midterms? March 15, 2018
    A Christian leader and political pundit considers it highly unlikely that Democrats will regain the majority in either the House or Senate in the 2018 midterms.
  • Obvious bias detected in blocking of Down syndrome law March 15, 2018
    Ohio pro-life groups are at odds with a federal judge who ruled against the state's law banning abortions of Down syndrome babies.
  • MRC: ABC learned lots of Americans not laughing March 15, 2018
    It was short and to the point, but Joy Behar's public apology over her anti-Christian comments was enough for one organization to end its protest.
  • Pro-lifers fight 'Draconian' probation rules March 15, 2018
    Pro-life activists who were convicted of trespassing at an abortion clinic are fighting a judge's punishment as part of their probation.
  • Church, don't ask gov't to do your job March 15, 2018
    As the immigration and border security debate continues, one Christian leader says the church needs to look at these issues from a biblical perspective.
  • Muslim teen stabs 3, 1 fatally, for offending his faith March 15, 2018
    A 17-year-old boy turned on his friends at a slumber party in a South Florida home, stabbing three – one fatally – because they mocked or did not share the values of his Muslim faith.
  • Policies, not past, fueling evangelical support of Trump March 15, 2018
    Some evangelical leaders say they still support President Trump, even after allegations that he had an affair with a porn star several years ago. OneNewsNow asked one strong supporter why that is.
  • Netherlands breaking records by killing its own March 15, 2018
    The Netherlands has released an annual report on euthanasia deaths but a pro-life advocate says the numbers deserve scrutiny.
  • America's most murderous city spends $200K to keep illegals March 15, 2018
    Baltimore, Maryland, appears to be adding to is problems as the city with the highest murder rate in America – especially after its mayor announced that it will be spending $200,000 to protect illegal aliens from being deported.
  • Ordered to kill patients, docs tell bureaucrats to drop dead March 14, 2018
    So-called progressives in Canada keep working to erode moral beliefs, this time literally in the name of killing fellow Canadians. But there is pushback, too.
  • An opportunity for an unselfish Spring Break March 14, 2018
    Some college students are spending their Spring Break in Houston, helping residents rebuild their homes from the devastation that Hurricane Harvey wrought nearly seven months ago.
  • ICE director rips Pelosi for calling his agents 'cowardly' March 14, 2018
    In response to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accusing ICE agents and the Trump administration of carrying out “cowardly attacks” by arresting illegal immigrants in a recent wave of Bay Area raids, acting ICE Director Thomas Homan shamed the California Democrat.

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