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  • Are unions still relevant in RTW states? January 16, 2017
    An economist says despite what union bosses say, evidence shows that workers in states with right-to-work laws are better off, as are the states themselves.
  • Obama pledges another $500M to Palestinians January 16, 2017
    Outgoing President Obama is honoring his longstanding yearly pledge to give another $500 million to the Palestinian government – a regime that has vowed to bring about Israel’s ultimate destruction.
  • More 'nones' creates less-kind America January 16, 2017
    Eight years after President Barack Obama promised to bring hope and change to America, there is lots of change but hope seems to be waning. 
  • Same group that defended PP is behind Trump dossier January 16, 2017
    The group that hired an ex-British spy to create the debunked dossier about President-elect Donald Trump – published by Buzzfeed – is reportedly the same firm that claimed Planned Parenthood executives were framed by pro-life investigators who they said “manipulated” the videos recording the execs talking about the sale of aborted baby body parts.
  • The economic dilemma for millennials January 16, 2017
    It's no surprise: millennials ARE worse off than baby boomers.
  • Pastor denounces 'prayers' for Planned Parenthood January 16, 2017
    A black pastor is calling out other pastors for aligning with abortion giant Planned Parenthood.
  • King aims to protect preborn babies closer to conception January 15, 2017
    Congress is being asked to agree with science and protect the lives of preborn babies more than ever.
  • 'Striking' rhetoric on display January 15, 2017
    According to one pro-Israel organization, there has been an increase in anti-Semitic activity on college campuses.
  • TPA: Wasteful spending has to stop January 15, 2017
    "No more excuses" -- that's the opinion of one taxpayer advocate in the wake of reports about the American government's spending.
  • Ben Stein: Hollywood 'bullies' silencing political debate January 15, 2017
    With actors continued bashing of President-elect Donald Trump ever since he defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November’s presidential election, actor and economist Ben Stein blasted most of Hollywood as being a “bunch of thuggish bullies” who try to silence those with opposing political views.
  • Gas mileage matters down the road January 15, 2017
    The Trump administration is expected to consider changing gas mileage requirements for new vehicles.
  • Things have changed in Syria January 15, 2017
    In the face of war and opposition by Islamic extremists, a persecuted Christian in Syria says believers are joyfully serving the Lord.
  • Christians, feminists fight Obama's bathroom mandate January 15, 2017
    An unlikely pair of groups – a conservative pro-family Christian alliance and a progressive feminist organization – are joining forces to fight against President Barack Obama’s controversial bathroom mandate that ordered schools last year to permit all students identifying as “transgenders” to use whichever restroom they choose.
  • Abortion groups funded by Soros staging anti-Trump march January 14, 2017
    The Washington, D.C., Women’s March pitted against President-elect Donald Trump the day after his inauguration is being organized by numerous pro-abortion groups that are funded by Leftist billionaire George Soros.
  • Paris 'peace' summit pits Kerry, 72 nations vs. Israel January 14, 2017
    Sunday’s Middle East “peace” conference in Paris, France, is geared to stage United States Secretary of State John Kerry and 72 other countries against Israel – in what many are calling the latest wave of anti-Semitic diplomacy that will likely set the stage for a new Palestinian state in the Holy Land.
  • 250 Christian leaders stand for Israel in D.C. January 13, 2017
    Taking a bold stand for the Jewish State in the wake of the United Nation’s controversial anti-Israel resolution, more than 250 Christian leaders descended on the nation’s capital this week to show support for America’s greatest ally in the war-torn Middle East.
  • Just like in Pokémon Go, gov't waste pops up everywhere January 13, 2017
    In its latest iteration, a report on government waste highlights dozens of examples of expenditures – totaling billions of dollars – considered unnecessary when America's national debt is heading toward $20 trillion.
  • L.L. Bean boycotted by Leftists for Trump support January 13, 2017
    Because one of its 50 co-owners made a donation to a political action committee (PAC) supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, a leftist group is boycotting the iconic American clothing and equipment company, L.L. Bean.

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