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  • A push to honor school choice law in MS September 25, 2018
    It has now been three years since the Mississippi Legislature approved the establishment of education scholarship accounts (ESAs), however, the program does not appear to be truly taking effect.
  • Community garden sprouting blessings in Texas September 25, 2018
    A 79-year-old North Texas man is using his green thumb to help his church feed the hungry in their community, and his ministry has had a great impact on Texans over the past nine years.
  • Univ. pro-life group chalking up message despite opposition September 25, 2018
    Instead of writing their own chalk messages, vandals at a university in the Southwestern United States defaced and destroyed chalking by a pro-life student organization.
  • Trump takes new step to fight anti-Semitism September 25, 2018
    With the Trump administration’s adoption of the United States Senate's definition of anti-Semitism, Jewish students and student supporters of Israel will be better able to fight discrimination.
  • Pence urges Evangelicals to match 'motivated' Left September 25, 2018
    An annual weekend gathering of evangelical activists concluded with a rallying cry, and a warning, from Vice President Mike Pence. 
  • India's 'untouchables' being lifted up September 25, 2018
    In India, a bishop is fighting hard for a people group that has been treated over the centuries like second-class citizens. 
  • Setting a course to protect religious freedom September 24, 2018
    This year's Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom won't be the last one, and at least one attorney is glad to hear it.
  • NYT raises questions over New Yorker accusations September 24, 2018
    A liberal newspaper, joined by restless conservatives, are picking apart a new accusation about Brett Kavanaugh in college while a top aide to President Donald Trump is blaming Democrats and the "MeToo Movement" for attempting to destroy the nominee.
  • Dobson warns of socialist takeover if Christians don't vote September 24, 2018
    Dr. James Dobson warned Christians that if they neglect their duty to vote in November’s midterm elections, they will likely lose their freedom – giving way to a socialist takeover sweeping America.
  • Second man now ex-driver after handling fetuses September 24, 2018
    According to a pro-life group that is monitoring the practice, a major medical waste transport company has lied about hauling aborted baby remains.
  • Texas texts: Arab's denial of Israel spurs 'ongoing conflict' September 23, 2018
    The Texas Board of Education voted on Friday that it will continue to administer its high school social studies requirement teaching students that “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has led to ongoing conflict.”
  • 'Major victory' for freedom of speech, religion September 23, 2018
    A federal judge has said "aloha" to a law in Hawaii that forces pregnancy centers and pro-life doctors to advertise for the abortion industry.
  • Grieving parents asking Pakistan to do what's right September 23, 2018
    The family of a Christian man who was killed in Pakistan because of his faith is beseeching the government for justice.
  • Perkins and Carson and Bauer, oh my! VVS evangelicals give wake-up call September 23, 2018
    The three-day 2018 Values Voter Summit (VVS) concluded Sunday with a worship service after more than 60 conservative speakers – including Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, American Values President Gary Bauer and evangelist Will Graham – charged up evangelicals for November’s midterm elections.
  • Abundant harvest, few workers … thanks to gov't policies September 22, 2018
    The president of a faith-based adoption agency says there's a rock-solid reason Congress needs to protect organizations like his.
  • Teens training to fight trafficking September 22, 2018
    An unexpected group is being recruited to combat human trafficking, as they relate to the peer group that is most impacted.
  • American dream easier with English September 22, 2018
    An English language advocacy organization is calling on 67 million people to get proficient in English.
  • Untimely deaths may not have been in vain September 22, 2018
    An Oregon couple recently died at the hands of an illegal alien driver in what an immigration enforcement advocacy organization calls an avoidable tragedy that illustrates the folly of the sanctuary system.

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