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  • Former intel chief: Hillary should bag it February 11, 2016
    A former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Obama administration says Hillary Clinton should "step down" from the presidential race to clear the way for the probe of her private email server by the FBI.
  • Maginnis: U.S. needs to strike North Korea February 11, 2016
    A national defense analyst predicts the next U.S. president may have to take military action against North Korea.
  • Partisan journalism exposed? February 11, 2016
    While the mainstream media has long been accused of going easy on Hillary Clinton, there now may be proof.
  • 'Bias-free language' directive scrapped February 11, 2016
    After receiving notice to comply with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution or face a lawsuit, the city of San Diego has reversed its attempt to force employees to speak in "gender-neutral" terms.
  • Prominent missions agency facing federal lawsuit February 11, 2016
    A lawsuit has been filed against one of the largest U.S.-based missions groups, alleging fraud and "covertly diverting" millions of dollars in contributions.
  • What a free society? Think 'school choice' February 11, 2016
    An educational analyst and blogger says liberty in America is ultimately all about school choice.
  • New motto at VA: At least nobody died waiting on us February 10, 2016
    Another health care facility operated by Veterans Affairs is being accused of failing the veterans who depend on it.
  • GOP better off if Hillary stays in, Biden stays out February 10, 2016
    The head of conservative organization says it would benefit the Republican Party this year if Hillary Clinton escapes criminal charges over her email scandal.
  • New Hampshire - the morning after February 10, 2016
    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both came away from New Hampshire with big wins. And while it was also a good night for John Kasich and Jeb Bush, it could portend trouble for Hillary Clinton.
  • 'Angel' proved to be a devil for CBS February 10, 2016
    A controversial TV show on CBS has been canceled after just five episodes.  
  • Judge sides with Davis over ACLU February 10, 2016
    An attorney predicts the ACLU will continue to go after Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk, even after a federal judge rejected their demands.
  • Legal pursuit of abortionist continues February 10, 2016
    In light of recent incidents – and old ones – involving his abortion practices, Operation Rescue wants a well-known abortionist out of business.
  • Ministry will recognize Hornets' top scorer February 10, 2016
    For the 11th year, Athletes in Action will be a holding a breakfast during the NBA All-Star Weekend to celebrate character, leadership and faith.  
  • PTC gives big game's ads a big thumbs-up February 10, 2016
    A parent's advocacy group contends that the commercials during last weekend's Super Bowl indicate the NFL is trying to shed its poor image and make the broadcast more family-friendly.
  • Dr. Alveda King: Any true conservatives left? February 10, 2016
    As the presidential primaries are under way, Dr. Alveda King is concerned that “conservative” voters are more caught up with personalities than they are in supporting the U.S. Constitution based on godly principles.
  • Who's really worried about troops' morale? February 9, 2016
    A military watchdog says Ted Cruz is the only presidential candidate still in the race who has responded positively to a survey related to social issues that affect the morale of service members.
  • High hopes for faith-based sequel February 9, 2016
    A producer and actor in the movie God's Not Dead says the sequel, set to hit theaters in a few weeks, will challenge Christians to stand strong for what they believe – while they still can.
  • Oberlin College, bastion of 'cissexist heteropatriarchy' February 9, 2016
    Black students at an Ohio college are making demands of the administration but the school's president is not backing down.