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  • No accountability for Trump riots in CA, elsewhere May 1, 2016
    With the recent riots in California against GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — along with other violence against his campaign in Chicago and elsewhere — questions are being raised about the accountability of Democrats who have waged war at his rallies.
  • Study: Most U.S. pastors in financial hardship May 1, 2016
    A majority of evangelical pastors in the United States personally suffer from significant financial challenges as they serve in small churches — with most having little to no place to place to turn.
  • Capitalism rejected by majority of adults under 30 May 1, 2016
    With the self-proclaimed socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) being the hands-down favorite for young Americans looking for a Democratic presidential candidate, the results from a recent survey confirms this Leftist bent, showing that more than half of American adults under 30 reject capitalism.
  • Districts use homeschooling to punish students April 30, 2016
    The public school system in Indiana is regularly forcing troubled students into homeschooling to supposedly alleviate a growing trend often dubbed as the “school-to-prison pipeline.”
  • Youth more conservative than we think April 30, 2016
    A conservative youth movement is spreading across America as more and more college students are banding together against the big government and liberal ideals propagated by Leftist faculties on thousands of higher learning campuses.
  • Bible museum, its backers target of hit piece April 29, 2016
    "A ridiculous hit job." That's how one analyst describes Newsweek and author Nina Burleigh's cover story on the soon-to-be-opened Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.
  • Trump's foreign policy speech draws kudos April 29, 2016
    A national defense analyst believes GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took a "justifiable and right-minded approach" in outlining his foreign policy Wednesday.
  • GOP lawmakers bury bill in Show Me State April 29, 2016
    Voters may detour the political future of three Missouri lawmakers after they blocked a religious freedom amendment from appearing on a ballot.
  • Target chose lunacy over the ladies April 29, 2016
    If there's any "war on women," say pro-family advocates, it's being waged by Target and any other business that permits men to use women's bathrooms. 
  • Shining a light on GE hypocrisy April 29, 2016
    General Electric investors have been made aware of allegations the corporate giant engages in "religious liberty hypocrisy."
  • In with the 'bad' air, out with the good air April 29, 2016
    A new study finds the earth is greener than ever thanks to carbon dioxide, but researchers say it won't last forever.
  • 'Big D' delivers a big 'No' April 28, 2016
    Dallas has won the right to ban a pornography exhibit on city property – and the peddlers of porn will try to force the city to do so.
  • Cruz chooses Carly ... what's next? April 28, 2016
    The guy in second place announces his running mate before securing the nomination – and the polls say the guy in third place might possibly be a stronger candidate in the general election than the guy in first place. It's par for the course in the wild and wooly GOP presidential contest.
  • A million and counting - Is Target paying attention? April 28, 2016
    An online petition urging people to boycott one of America's largest retailers has reached the million-signature milestone one week after being launched.
  • MRC raises alarm over climate-change collusion April 28, 2016
    A media watchdog is reporting how the national media is helping climate alarmists attack a major corporation.
  • Vandalism spurs pro-life group to greater efforts April 28, 2016
    Pro-abortion activists on college campuses often vandalize pro-life displays on campus. The latest incident involved 3,000 crosses on display at Southern Methodist University.
  • Labor representative reporting rule burdens businesses April 28, 2016
    A new rule from the Department of Labor impacts business owners and workers, but critics say it gives an unfair advantage to unions.
  • Legendary missionary still sharing God’s Word April 28, 2016
    A former missionary and Bible translator is encouraging the next generation to continue the task of getting God's Word to all people groups.