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  • Dem. Sen. rejects party's border cuts, urges more security April 20, 2019
    Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) is asking the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for reinforcement to heighten Arizona’s border security while her fellow Democrats continue to demand more DHS funding cuts as he border crisis continues to escalate.
  • Is Humana really onboard with gov’t-run healthcare? April 19, 2019
    A conservative activist thinks the CEO of Humana is making a mistake by not opposing “Medicare for All.”
  • AG Barr believes Obama spied, new probe coming? April 19, 2019
    With Attorney General William Barr concluding that special counsel Robert Mueller’s report does not call for a probe on President Donald Trump over his alleged Russian collusion, the president and Vice President Mike Pence are encouraging Barr bar to investigate the Obama administration based on the AG’s belief that the former president spied on Trumps’ […]
  • Church attack won’t stop resurrection celebration April 19, 2019
    The members of an Egyptian church will have to celebrate Easter while trying to rebuild their church.
  • Gabriel: Trump backers too savvy to take a chance on leftists April 19, 2019
    The founder of the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S. is confident that when it comes to national security, American voters will take President Donald Trump over the Democrats.
  • France silent about 2K church attacks over 2 yrs. April 18, 2019
    In the wake of the colossal fire destroying a significant part of the 850-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral, many French authorities consider the blaze an accident – despite the fact that there has been a major surge of incidents where churches have been destroyed or vandalized by hostile Muslims.
  • 'Bump stock' lawsuit argues for just compensation from gov't April 18, 2019
    A Fort Worth-based retailer was the larger seller of "bump stocks" in the U.S. – until an executive order sent their inventory to the shredder.
  • Black students strike for free food, housing April 18, 2019
    A prominent university is creating a fund to benefit the descendants of black slaves while black students at a second university went on a hunger strike to demand free housing and free food, among numerous other demands.
  • First Liberty digs deeper into Chick-fil-A drop April 18, 2019
    A religious liberty law firm is pushing for more accountability from the San Antonio City Council over its opposition to a Chick-fil-A restaurant.
  • Removing a statue won't overturn history April 18, 2019
    A black conservative does not agree with the latest push to have a Thomas Jefferson statue removed from a New York university's campus.
  • NY lawmakers brazenly choose illegals over kids of vets April 18, 2019
    An immigration reform activist calls it unconscionable that Democrats in the New York legislature blocked a bill expanding college tuition for Gold Star families after approving $27 million in tuition aid to illegal aliens.
  • Injured pro-lifer expected to return after attack April 18, 2019
    An investigation is under way in connection with an assault outside an abortion clinic in which a veteran pro-life activist was seriously injured.
  • Foxx's fumble bad news for Chicago cops: attorney April 18, 2019
    A former criminal prosecutor is arguing that state's attorney for Cook County, Illinois, may have jeopardized the future of law enforcement in Chicago.
  • Reaping the promise of James 1:2-3 April 18, 2019
    In the midst of extreme persecution, Christians in China are finding the promise found in the first few verses of the Book of James to be not only reassuring, but loaded with truth as well.
  • Regarding discipleship … April 18, 2019
    LifeWay Research has released the results of a new survey on how churches are doing in the area of discipling their members.
  • Religious liberty and chicken – there's a connection April 17, 2019
    There's a big push today in Texas for religious liberty – as well as for chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, and lemonade.
  • Pro-lifer Porter not bitter – in fact, she's thrilled April 17, 2019
    Someone was conspicuous by their absence during the recent signing of Ohio's "heartbeat bill" – but she's okay with that because the new law, she says, could be the one to finally bring an end to legalized killing of the unborn in America.
  • CA teacher: Unions force 'far left' abortion, sex ed programs April 17, 2019
    A 28-year veteran teacher in the California public school system exposed the ultra-liberal abortion and sex ed programs being pushed by teachers unions working with “far-left” groups to indoctrinate students in their radical agenda.

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