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  • 10/21/20 - Defending Chris Pratt, George Barna, The Pope & the Documentary
    - "Social Media Takes Christian Actor Chris Pratt to Task for His Support for President Trump - and an Unlikely Group of Hollywood Stars Came to His Defense!" - GEORGE BARNA: Americans redefining, customizing Christianity - CALL-IN: "In a New Documentary, Pope Francis Calls for the Recognition of Same-Sex Civil Unions. Do You Believe that […]
    Roger Marsh
  • 10/20/20 - Amy Coney Barrett Nomination Time, Super Tuesday, Doug Ose, Pres. Trump Lifts Sanctions
    - SUPER TUESDAY! "Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination will Go to a Full Senate Vote Next Monday!" - SUPER TUESDAY! "A Majority of Americans Believe that Amy Coney Barrett SHOULD Be Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court BEFORE the Election. AND - a Larger Majority OPPOSE Joe Biden's Plan to PACK the High Court! - DOUG […]
    Roger Marsh
  • 10/19/20 - Hunter & Joe Biden, Ben Courson, Depression Has Tripled Since COVID
    - ELECTION 2020: "If Hunter Biden Did Nothing Wrong, Why has Joe Biden REFUSED to Condemn the Reports About His Son's Dealings with China and Ukraine?" - BEN COURSON: Flirting with Darkness - Cases of DEPRESSION in the U.S. have TRIPLED Since the Start of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic - but What Can be Done […]
    Roger Marsh
  • 10/16/20 - Valorie Burton, Latinos Support Trump, 2020 Freedom March, Charles Stone
    - PRAYERS NEEDED! "A Church in Texas is Fighting to Keep Dallas County from Using Eminent Domain to TAKE THEIR PROPERTY!" - "Will President Trump's Support Among Latino Voters Actually GROW on Election Day Due to Democrats' Insistance on Supporting Abortion Up Until Birth?" - VALORIE BURTON: "Keys to Letting Go of Guilt and Taking […]
    Roger Marsh

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