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  • 5/12/21 - CA's Climate "Solution", Wayne Winegarden, Preferential Care & Pricing Based on Race
    - RECALL NEWSOM: "Why is California's Climate 'Solution' Actually ADDING MILLIONS OF TONS OF CO2 into the Atmosphere?" - DR WAYNE WINEGARDEN: "The Crisis of Homelessness and How to Fix It with Intelligence and Humanity" - CALL-IN: A Boston Hospital is Set to Offer Preferential Care and Pricing Based on Race. Do You Agree with […]
    Roger Marsh
  • 5/11/21 - Roger's Video Gets Taken Down on YouTube, Jeff Kinley
    - CALL-IN: "Roger's New Video Questioning Whether or Not Children Should Receive the COVID 19 Vaccine was BANNED by Youtube Only MOMENTS AFTER HE UPLOADED IT. Do You Believe His Video VIOLATED Youtube's Community Standards?" - JEFF KINLEY: "Living Christianly in a New Era of Global Crisis"
    Roger Marsh
  • 5/10/21 - Jim Denison, Disneyland Merchandise & Pride Month, Recall CA Governor Gavin Newsom
    - JIM DENISON: "New Disney Collection will 'Honor' LGBTQ Pride Month" - CALL-IN: "Disney Just Announced their New 'Pride' Collection to Honor LGBTQ Month. Does this News Change Your Plans to Visit the Newly-Reopened Disneyland or Disney World this Summer?" - RECALL NEWSOM: "California Governor Declares a State of Emergency Because of Drought - but […]
    Roger Marsh
  • 5/07/21 - New Archeologist Find in Egypt, Karen Kingsbury, Stefanie Cover, NFL Mother's Day
    - "Appeals Court REINSTATES Abortion Waiting Period in Tennessee!" - "Archeologists have Uncovered a 5th Century CHRISTIAN MONASTERY in EGYPT" - KAREN KINGSBURY: "New Novel 'A Distant Shore' Tackles the Entangled and Terrifying World of Human Trafficking" - STEFANIE COVER - Future Pro Football Star Celebrates Mother's Day Early with a Pre-NFL Draft Party at […]
    Roger Marsh

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