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The Stand – Christian Joy

Christian Joy post cover
1 April 15, 2024 THE STAND RE: CHRISTIAN JOY This world of ours has little joy…real joy. Perhaps there exists some sort of superficial happiness, but transient and really unfulfilling, but little more. It seems that so…

The Stand – THE TRUTH

April 8, 2024 THE STAND RE: THE TRUTH Do you tell your spouse the truth? …ALWAYS? That would be the whole truth and nothing but the truth, do you? When you communicate with spouse or children, or…

Easter 2024

Easster passion narrative
Subject: EASTER Up the carpenter went to Jerusalem, a very special man soon to be crucified and then, in mighty triumph, wondrously resurrected from the dead. He dined with his disciples, a last loving supper with them…

THE STAND – The Cross

Subject: THE CROSS That, says the scriptures, THE CROSS is an: OFFENSE. The meaning, the thought, the application of the cross is indeed an offense to theNATURAL MAN. That is, the man or woman who has no…

THE STAND – Jesus & Hollywood

March 11, 2024 THE STAND Subject: JESUS & HOLLYWOOD Hollywood is increasingly finding Jesus – and the results could be profound.  Those are the words of Billy Hallowell, writer for the interesting publication THE WASHINGTON TIMES. Finding…

THE STAND – The Nones

Subject: THE NONES What a joy it is to be a Christian, a real Christian. A biblically based Christian. A Christian who believes as a life-long credo: FOR BY GRACE ARE YOU SAVED THROUGH FAITH AND THAT…

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