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The official KLTT 670 AM app features

Use your phones camera or a QR code scanner to scan the code below that corresponds to your device.  You may also choose to simply open your app store and search for "KLTT Radio" and tap GET or INSTALL.

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Take KLTT 670 AM everywhere you go

One of the big reasons to have the app is so that you can listen to KLTT 670 AM anywhere you can connect to the Internet. 

That’s especially helpful when you travel and want a taste of home, anywhere regular radio reception is difficult, and places where you don’t have ready access to a radio. 

Just press play on player ribbon at the bottom, and the full player will appear, letting you play/pause or change volume, as well as access our valuable and beloved sponsors of our shows.

There are tons of ways to navigate the app

You can navigate through the app using the menu at the bottom, where you can explore tons of great content – shows, videos, pictures, and more.  

A really useful part of the app is to find the show schedule, we’ve created a super-simple calendar, where you can check when your favorite show is on. 

And at any time you can tap on the now-playing ribbon and see controls for the player.

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As well as tons of ways to communicate with us

The OFFICIAL KLTT 670 AM App offers many ways to connect with the station and its air staff.  

You can use send the station an anonymous message using the “Message the station” option.

You can send us a voice message, which we may even play on-air!  If we have a promotion where we want to hear from listeners, this is where you go.

You can also share user-generated content like pictures and videos with the “Share Media” option.

Extra Features

The all-new KLTT app offers lots of new features, you can watch videos and upload your own photos.  

Had a great worship experience and want to share it with us? Send it on in!  

From this screen you can also request prayer!  If you have an issue that needs agreement in prayer, or you want to thank God for blessings in your life – ANYTHING at all that you’d like someone to pray with you, you can have an anonymous user pray if they are in the room, or you can leave us a message and we’ll touch base with you over email to find out if you want a phone call.  

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KLTT App Download and Video Tutorial