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The Stand – Birthday


We pause in our mission for God and Country to celebrate a birthday.

Ours – The Crawford Broadcasting Company.

We turn, this company does:


this very month of November 2023.

For this birthday, we thank, and we praise our Lord Jesus Christ, our real founder, motivator, visionary, and SAVIOR who sustained us, brought us through every trial and tribulation, strengthened us in our darkest moments, and guided us WITH HIS EYE UPON US. We never were afraid, come what may.

Frail and often failing, we never quit, we learned from our mistakes, and we always did our best, always with his unique and abiding strength and most importantly:


We, the Crawford Broadcasting Company, for 65 years, prayed for His blessing, even as we praised Him, and God our Father. The battles we faced were difficult and many still are, but praise and thank God, we never compromised, and stood steadfast every day of our broadcast life devoted to Him and the precious country in which He ordained we live.

We made mistakes but we always corrected them. We always did our best and found those to partner with us who always did their best. Anything we accomplished past, present, and future, was as a result of:


Those three are the anchors of our company and always will be. Faithful, prayerful people, God’s people, made this company what it is for 65 years, every success for God and Country is because of them and their calling. So many men and women devoted so many years, some virtually all of their professional lives in the service of our Lord and in Christian radio, Crawford Broadcasting style.

There were and are men like:

Frank Franciosi (48 years)

Nev Larson (57 years)

Don Crawford Jr. (34 years)

Mike Triem (30 years)

Cris Alexander (39 years)

Mike Cary (33 years)

anchors, rocks like the Rock Of Ages, CALLED AND COMMITTED.

Then there were men like Mark Bostic, James Kilkenny, Bob Dutko, Terry Patilla, Neil Boron, and so many more for whom CBC Christian radio was more than a calling. It was LIFE itself. So many women gave their all to our Lord in service through CBC. There were those like Paulette Peterson, Debbie Robey, Heather Hanger, Kim McMonagle, and many more who served with all their hearts, called and committed in so many ways. So many served our Lord for years unknown to those who listen. A man such as Todd Stickler served our Lord through the ministry of KBRT for years and years.

In all, my fellow Americans and CBC listeners, there are some 210 individuals, servants, called ones who serve our company and give their all every day to bring you the very best Christian and Country programming possible. There seems no adequate way to thank them for all that they have done for this company, and for their Lord and the blessed country in which they are privileged to live.

We try every day with all our might to do what is:


That is what is behind the operating philosophy of our company and its approach to money we call:


We seek at all times to create economic and spiritual benefit for our listeners and no matter our mistakes, our human failures, our Lord has sustained us now for some:


To the extent we have brought honor and glory to our Lord, we are blessed, satisfied, and fulfilled. To the extent we have done everything to protect the privilege God has given us to live in and be citizens of the greatest country in the history of the world, we are further blessed. This company began its mission in 1958 when, with the help of our Lord, WMUZ-FM Detroit was:


Even though there was no model to follow for Christian radio, we made our own with the wisdom and blessing of our Lord. We made mistakes, but we never quit. We were threatened but were never afraid. We were offered considerable sums of money to sell, but the gospel could never be purchased, it never had a price. We sought at all times to build trust with our listeners, to honor our Lord with integrity, and to the best of our human ability:



We thought of our programming as:


We modeled our programming, our approach to our Lord, and our understanding of Christianity on:


The precious, inspired, unique, infallible:


We were never WOKE, we never tried to interpret scripture to our advantage, and we required those who shared programming with us to believe and present the same. All the while, we never shied from COMPETITION. We fought to be professional at every turn, we hired and trained men and women who wanted to be nothing but the best as they served their Lord, true professionals.

We offered employment opportunity to those who would present the most compelling programming for God and Country:


They are workmen and workwomen who are worthy of their hire, but the main reason, the main motivation in their lives is to love and serve the Lord God Almighty with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind, and:


–faithfully every day and with all their might.

So, as we continue to do our best to serve GOD AND COUNTRY, beloved listener, please know how much we love and respect you, we thank you for your support, and your belief in our company and its purposes. Knowing there are still some few who knew us when we began our mission and made it possible for so many to listen today.

In a world of rapid change, short-term in thinking and demand, inpatient and searching for immediate gratification, the Crawford Broadcasting Company stays long-term, committed to and redefining our purposes (never changing) and believing more than ever in the power, the unique communication abilities, and the special position in the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals of:


Thank you for listening, and with the help and blessing of our Lord, it is our prayer and hopefully yours that this company, the Crawford Broadcasting Company, will have many more years of service for you as we continue to serve with one purpose:


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