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How It Happens with Colin Cook

Sat 4:30-4:45AM

There is Christian radio, and then there is
FaithQuest radio. Most Christian radio puts an
emphasis on information, inspiration, Christian living,
political activism or prophecy. But FaithQuest radio,
through verse-by-verse teaching of the Gospel from
the book of Romans, draws you into an understanding
of who Jesus Christ is for you, what He has done for
you that you could not do, and how your faith in Him is

Your radio host, Colin Cook, will not preach at you or
shout through the radio. He is a teacher-preacher. He
explains things. Through his friendly voice you will be
drawn into his message, not forced into it. Each
broadcast comes fresh from his own heart, without the
use of notes, yet not without years of study and personal
struggles. So you will sense him exploring the Gospel
along with you rather than talking down to you. This is
where the miracle of grace happens as it is shared
between you and him.

But there’s more. Colin assumes from the outset of his
broadcast that every Christian or would-be Christian has
problems – some public, some private. These problems
can range from worry and anxiety to work and family-
related issues. Or they can be very “lonely” problems,
like intimate sex struggles, or drugs, alcohol and food

Yet Colin’s radio broadcasts, you will notice, will not start
with your problems. They will concentrate on the
meaning of Jesus, His cross and His resurrection for
your life. At first this might frustrate you because you’ll
want to deal with “you”. But as you keep listening, your
attention will move from you to Jesus, and that,
strangely, is when faith-training for life’s difficulties kicks
in in a remarkable way.

Here is also where FaithQuest radio is unlike other
Christian radio you might have listened to. At no time
will a broadcast leave you hanging, with the question,
“but what do I do about this?” floating like a bubble over
your head. Each broadcast will train your faith to
intercept your problems with the Good News about
Christ. This is where problems turn into opportunities!
Believe it! You are in for an adventure!

So what’s the best way to work with this website? First,
browse around to see what’s here. Then click on to one
of Colin’s broadcasts. If you find yourself being drawn in,
bookmark this site so that you can quickly click on and
make a daily habit of listening maybe before you go to
work, or before you go to sleep. Colin suggests that a
year’s daily radio listening will train your faith towards a
new way of living as a Christian in this world.

We recommend also that you click on to Colin’s articles
and read them carefully. They will support your listening
experience and fill in the blanks for you. You can contact
FaithQuest, too. Though Colin cannot respond
personally in most instances, you’ll be on our mailing
list for updates and further encouragement. By the way,
your e-mails are read by Colin only. And email
addresses are not shared with third parties.

So welcome again! We hope you’ll begin to feel that this
website is a little home from home; a place to visit daily;
somewhere to go when you feel alone; a place to meet
with God for love and help