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Tue 12:30-1PM

Tiffany Kiro of Sava LifeCare Center talks about the importance of blood imaging analysis, nutrition, and blood health each week.  Tiffany helps people every day who have tried everything else, from chemotherapies to radiation therapy and everything else.

Learn the ins and outs of what lives in your blood, and acquire groundbreaking (yet simple) ways to improve your own health through nutrition and health analysis.

If you were to meet Tiffany Kiro she has a true passion for The Lord and a bonafide compassion for His people.  She knows that the scriptures remain forever settled that, based on the miracles she sees in the blood.  She is a licensed live and dry blood microscopist and an accomplished blood imaging analyst.                       

Michael Francen

What is “live blood analysis”?

Live blood imaging analysis is a diagnostic technique that uses a special microscope technology to examine a members blood immediately in real time. The technique involves taking one small drop of blood and placing it under a high resolution microscope to observe your entire vascular system, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets,which is something you cannot find in a standard lab draw.  This technique gives valuable insights into an individual’s overall health and potential long/short term health concerns.  including nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, and inflammation. This is true awareness as the microscope provides indications such as digestive health concerns, heavy metals, uric acid, hormonal imbalances, iron deficiencies, parasites, mold, toxins, candida, and so much more. Live blood imagining analysis is commonly used from healthcare practitioners/specialities to identify underlying health concerns before they progress. Tiffany will share a plethora of information and suggestions for optimal and overall preventative self-care.