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KLTT’s collection of insightful interviews with Christian leaders in music, politics, business, and faith. From discussing meaningful impacts of community-minded businesses to personal stories of hope, you can learn something new with every interview on KLTT’s Talking Truth.

Pastor Dix

KLTT Talking Truth Dr Dix WinstonPastor Dix is with Crosspoint Community Church ( ) in Centennial.
He and Mike talk about the current cultural chaos that we’re living in and the confusion that it can bring to people’s lives. Pastor Dix speaks of the better way the believer in Jesus can navigate these chaotic times as we trust in Him through His Word. But he also appeals to the non-believer that true hope is only found in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Joel Smith

Dr Joel Smith - Treacher Collins Syndrome 670 KLTTMike and Dr. Joel Smith discuss the condition he has- Treacher Collins Syndrome and how God has impacted his life as a researcher, educator, and Christian.

Mind Matters

Image logo Talking Truth KLTT Podcast 670 KLTTIs it okay to be angry at God? What if you changed it just a bit and enlisted God as a mighty friend?  Then you both can be angry with God! Listen to this two part program and see if that changes your perspective.

Aaron Johnson Voyager Messianic Music Band

Mike & Aaron Johnson Voyager Messianic music band October 2022CYT guitarist Aaron Johnson was called by the Lord into an exciting and unusual outreach effort. They never had the chance to record the album they had aspired to do, until the Lord made their way clear. From the start, Congregation Yeshuat Tsion boldly stepped up in support of this effort to reach the lost for Yeshua beyond our walls.

Operation Christmas Child

Vladimir Prokhnevskiy Operation Christmas Child October 2022Vladimir received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox as a young boy growing up in, what was then, communist controlled Kyiv, Ukraine. He was one of 9 children, and his father was a Christian and underground pastor. Vladimir talks about what that shoebox meant to him, both then and now.